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    "My advice, after 10 years recommending and guaranteeing trips, hands down my favorite, the Clark Fork River!" – David Lawrence (owner)


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    Clark Fork River

    Our guests’ favorite river for rafting trips, our guides favorite river and the area’s best river… period!!!

    The Alberton Gorge, Clark Fork River

    The Alberton Gorge is a dramatic river gorge on the Clark Fork River. When people talk about running the famous Clark Fork Rapids, they are talking about the Alberton Gorge. Pangaea River Rafting offers the most entertaining, informative and fun whitewater rafting trips on the Alberton Gorge.

    The famed Alberton Gorge, with its incredible scenery and recreational treasures, makes for a perfect family trip on a hot summer day. Located 35 miles west of Missoula, the Gorge is a canyon section of the Clark Fork River with Class II and Class III whitewater perfect for all abilities, from the complete beginner to the seasoned expert. The Alberton Gorge is a paradise, for visitors and locals alike. This popular stretch of river contains seven major rapids as well as several smaller ones that offer wet and wild memories forever.

    Clark Fork River History…

    Discover the Clark Fork River’s beautifully “haunting” waters with Pangaea River Rafting. We offer springtime whitewater and summertime easy, scenic raft floats. Bottomless emerald pools, diamond-strewn riffles, eye-popping scenery beside towering cliffs and sweet smelling ponderosa pines blend to make the Clark Fork River Montana’s most iconic river.

    The history of the Clark Fork River is also the geologic history of Missoula. It is a history as dynamic as the river is beautiful. It all started in the icy depths of Glacial Lake Missoula. 12,000 years ago, the Clark Fork River and most of the areas mountain valleys sank beneath an ancient lake called Glacial Lake Missoula.

    The flood outran the land, scouring Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon all the way to the Columbia River until finally recollecting itself in the Pacific Ocean. It left behind the story of water, rock and power. Across the Inland Northwest to the shores of Oregon, Glacial Lake Missoula’s signature can be found.

    Glacial Lake Missoula Today

    That ancient signature can not only be seen but also felt on the Clark Fork River and Spokane River with Pangaea River Rafting. The Clark Fork of the Columbia is Montana’s largest river by volume, even greater than the mighty Missouri at the state border.

    Clark Fork River drains an extensive portion of the Rocky Mountains in Montana. This Rocky Mountain basin includes 1/3 of Montana’s human population, wilderness areas, national parks and forests, productive river valleys, the country’s largest superfund complex, and such fabled waters as Flathead Lake, the Blackfoot and Bitterroot Rivers, and Rock Creek. The Clark Fork River is approximately 360 mi (579 km) long.