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    "My advice, after 10 years recommending and guaranteeing trips, hands down my favorite, the Clark Fork River!" – David Lawrence (owner)


    "Some of the great companies that have worked with us building their teams "


    How’s Your Facial Position?

    Hello,Here’s something you won’t see in your news feed…

    Splashed By 10,000 Gallons Of Water… Retains Full Smile!

    I’m no dentist, but Pangaea knows how to make you smile!

    For a free facial position consultation, please call…


    Why am I thinking about your facial position?

    It started with a question my ski mentor Don Portman loved asking, “How’s your facial position?”

    Whenever I started overthinking, over trying or flailing in despair with a new task, skill or drill, he’d ask the question, “How’s your facial position?”

    Of course, he was trying to get me out of my head and into the moment. And more often than not, it worked!

    Are you overwhelmed, frustrated, can’t see the forest because of the trees? Ask yourself, “How’s your facial position.”

    If you don’t like your answer, I’m here to help LOL!

    Greatest Gold Mine of Fun Ever Crammed Into A Day!

    Why a “GOLD MINE” of fun?

    Because I’m selling our jammed pack, Clark Fork River, laugh-till-your-sides-hurt, family friendly whitewater trip with Pangaea’s famous potato bar with flamed seared chicken breasts and our ooey-gooey brownies served beside the river, for only $55.

    Of course, there’s a catch. The “Gold Mine” of savings only happens Monday through Thursday!

    Summer of 2016 ONLY!

    Call me to book the trip 406-239-2392.

    Or go here and use promo code MIDWEEK.

    Leave Boring Behind!

    David Lawrence
    Pangaea River Rafting

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