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    KVR (Kettle Valley Rail Trail): Before We Start

    KVR (Kettle Valley Rail Trail): Before We Start


    Brooke and Tana high above Pangaea preparing for the KVR

    I Love Multi Week Adventures!

    I love planning for the trip, training my body for the rigors of the journey, actually starting and doing the trip itself, growing relationships with the people I travel with or making new relationships with the people and places I meet along the way.

    I love how the trail, the travel and the exposure sharpens your senses, tests your physical and mental patience and endurance.

    I love adventure that mixes the joy of the struggle with the peace of the pace.

    I do my best thinking on multi week adventures that require traveling under my own power. When I rely on churning out the miles during the day with my own two legs, life becomes clearer, sharper.


    Self propelled adventure mixes the right amount of bitter and sweet into a single serving; especially savoring when experienced mindfully, thoughtfully, playfully. Inclusive resorts and pampered vacations are more like milk chocolate, too sweet and decadent.


    My family and I tear the foil off our next serving of adventure on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail in British Columbia, Canada. The KVR, a historic railway that starts in Midway, BC and ends in Hope, BC.

    David and Trey on their shakedown pretrip ride around the neighborhood.
    David and Trey on their shakedown pre-trip ride around the neighborhood.


    If all goes well, we’ll leave 299 miles of trail behind us, taking with us memories of hundreds of train trestles and tunnels cutting through the Cascade mountains, new friendships, new experiences that bond us closer together, exhaustion, peace and the internal rewards of action, discipline and understanding.


    We plan to average about 25-30 miles per day. Brooke and I will be pulling hundreds of pounds of gear and children (two kids, 3 & 4 years-old). We have a few collective goals during the trip: to eat as paleo as we can, take enough time to enjoy the history and places along the trail, return healthy and safely home.

    Along the trail and after the trip, I have an additional goal: to share the journey with as many friends as possible, updating with stories along the way, and sharing tips and how to’s when adventuring with kids.


    In order to achieve my last goal, I need your help. Please connect, like, plus 1, join or share our adventure with family and friends or anyone who might like to learn more about the KVR or get a few helpful tips about camping, cooking, eating and traveling with kids on a bike.

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