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    "My advice, after 10 years recommending and guaranteeing trips, hands down my favorite, the Clark Fork River!" – David Lawrence (owner)


    "Some of the great companies that have worked with us building their teams "


    Pangaea | Montana River Guides | Western Waters | Wiley Waters

    Prom at Pangaea River Rafting with Wiley E. Waters, Montana River Guides and Western Waters

    Pangaea River Rafting hosted a river wide Prom Party on the Clark Fork River with Montana River Guides,Western Waters and Wiley E. Waters

    Two weekends ago the guides had an idea, host an all day Prom party on the Clark Fork River. Yes, you read that right, Prom, like the dress-up high school dance Prom you may remember from your junior and senior year in high school.

    The Pangaea River Rafting guides dressed in bow ties and the girls dressed in dresses on the Clark Fork River Whitewater trip. Some of our guests showed up in costumes too! A special tip of the hat to Hollis and his crew for staying all night to party!!!

    The night was complete with dancing, food and awkward prom photos. Most of the guides from the other companies joined us too. I’ve attached a few of my favorites for you (notice the floating hand LOL).

    We work and live in a special environment, a place where water and lives converge to create something bigger and better than all of us.

    A Big Thanks To Western Waters, Montana River Guides And Wiley E. Waters For Joining The Fun.

    Tana and Trey Lawrence enjoy their first prom


    Tana and Trey Lawrence strike a funny pose for their first prom pictures at Pangaea River Rafting


    David Lawrence and Brooke Lawrence, owners of Pangaea River Rafting, kick it off at prom 2013 beside the Alberton Gorge on the Clark Fork River.


    Sophie’s mom Joani and friend Pierre pose for “awkward” prom photos at Pangaea River Rafting.


    Jody from Western Waters and Sophie from Pangaea River Rafting pose for awkward prom photos


    Guides from Wiley E. Waters join Pangaea River Rafting for prom and pose on their paddles along the Clark Fork River.


    Brooke Lawrence and Tana enjoy a mother daughter dance as they night grows dark along the Clark Fork River


    Guides from Western Waters and Montana River Guides enjoy the perfect beer for prom at Pangaea River Rafting


    Montana River Guides show us how to party at prom. Be careful of the Lady in Red, she dominates the volleyball court!


    Professionals by day, professionals by night. Pangaea River Rafting getting wild after whitewater rafting on the Clark Fork River at prom.


    Montana River Guides and Pangaea River Rafting pose for awkward prom photos – check out the floating hands – just like high school.


    Western Waters (Jody) and Pangaea River Rafting (Gus) get together for prom next to the Clark Fork River.


    The Clark Fork River’s strongest female guides show off their guns. Pangaea River Rafting, Montana River Guides and Western Waters are proud!!!


    Jody, Sophie, Megan, Brooke, Lynn and Ella from Western Waters, Pangaea River Rafting and Montana River Guides get UP for prom


    Gus had no date for prom…. but it worked out for him


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