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    "My advice, after 10 years recommending and guaranteeing trips, hands down my favorite, the Clark Fork River!" – David Lawrence (owner)


    "Some of the great companies that have worked with us building their teams "


    Here it is, Pangaea’s world famous guides. River masters, hilarious high jinksters, authentic, real people you will have real fun with. These are the best of the best of Montana and Washington River Guides. NO JOKE!

    To keep things fresh from our guides, these quick savory vinyets where penned from the winter of 2015.

    David Lawrence

    That’s me. I spent the winter at Lookout Pass as the new Snow Sports School Director. I couldn’t believe how many Pangaea rafters I ran into at Lookout. It was a low snow year for sure, but Lookout had the best conditions of anyone in the Inland Northwest! Stay up with me on Pangaea’s Facebook page I keep the posts personal and funny. I also got my collar shirts on, spending time this winter as Destination Missoula’s new partnership sales employee.


    Brooke Lawrence

    Skiing. That’s the word that’s sums up my winter. Skiing with the kids. Tana, our six-year-old, may not have passed me in technique, but her skills threaten to out pace me next year. Trey kicks the “death wedge”, skiing the whole mountain with the biggest snowplow a four-year-old can make. With lite snows, I kept running throughout the winter, and plan to run my second 50k race in Oregon this month.



    I spent my winter on an isolated island about 20 miles off the coast of Panama during Panama’s summer. I recorded early morning and eventide sounds of egg laying vertebrates and invertebrates. During the day, I spearfished and surfed. Apparently I am now a vegan who eats eggs and fish I kill myself! My life’s mission is to bring interviews and sound effects from the most isolated locations around the world for my bi-weekly radio program, “The Trail Less Traveled”. After a helicopter evacuation from the Grand Canyon last June and a serious knee operation… I plan on being on the rivers of Montana and the Grand Canyon again this summer. I’ll also teach Ashtanga Yoga six days a week while living in the mountains outside Missoula, MT.


    Joseph Dickens

    Some call me a premi. Some call me a late bloomer…And others call me a perennial. Crushing some COLLEGE please!


    Josh S

    Aloha! My winter?.?.?. Cold, brutal, hard (as far as construction goes, got a real job) However as far as recreating, sick awesome and pretty much amazing! Hunted my a** off with Gus. We harvested some whitees. Hap and I have been shredding every weekend all around the northwest, partying with all of Pangaea River guides (so nice to hang with Mandella and all) warms my heart! My boy Happy is turning into a little man! He loves the river and it’s all he talks about! We love our river family, it just couldn’t get any better! What we have at Pangaea is truly amazing, embrace the luv-


    Gus Schubert

    I spent most of my fall focusing on school until October, and then hunting season rolled around. Josh and I hunted our faces off all season together throughout Western Montana. By seasons end, the deer and elk fared better than us. But, we both walked away with baby whitetail bucks. And, Montana is short one more fox. After school let out for vacation, I followed the road map tattooed on my ribcage home to Texas.


    Sophie Danison

    Well lets see…last I saw you was in Missoula for the premiere of Pretty Faces! So, since then I got a part-time job at a small film company called Sprout Films, I sold my (dead) subi and bought an Element, started coaching at Snowbowl again, Trying to get out backcountry skiing but we’re still waiting on winter, I just started babysitting a 4-month old baby (almost full-time) for the month of feb., and I spent last night throwing a frozen turkey lubed with baby oil across a parking lot at Fairmont hot springs. All in all, post-grad life is being pretty kind


    Lysh Labrum

    I got married! Andy and I have been working, playing with the dogs and then we went to Cabo for our honeymoon! Apparently, getting married got me thinking about real employment, and I’m back in the lap doing smart girl work!


    Steve Schadt

    I’ve spent the fall & winter coaching the Whitworth Men’s & Women’s Swim Teams. Both teams are entering into the championship season trying to win conference team titles and send swimmers to NCAA Championships. Our conference championship is later this week. It’s been a challenging but good season so far. Christy and the kids are doing well. My son, Brian is in the middle of his freshmen year in high school and doing well. He just wrapped up his 1st season of basketball. My daughter, Hailey is recovering from a broken leg from a fall she took doing gymnastics, my daughter Maggie is busy with ballet, and Zach and Olivia are looking forward to a trip to Guatemala later this year with Christy’s parents, as they all go on a mission trip together to serve the poor & needy. We adopted Olivia & Zach from Guatemala and they’ve never been back there since they were infants so both are very excited to see where they originally are from. (they are both 8yrs. old). Life in the Schadt house is busy but good! Blessings to everyone.

    Connor Johnson

    I’m holding it down in dirty Spokompton. Winter rains sucked most of my fun out of skiing at Schweitzer, but bike trails have been primo this winter! I live to ride, raft and slide!

    Paul Wirth

    Ciao! Been lucky enough to study abroad in Florence, Italy this semester. Have had some unique opportunities to see Europe. With my new found international status, I’ve become a man of intrigue and transcendence.


    James Tyson

    I am consulting, but not enough to hang up my tool bags completely. You can’t keep the “human torpedo” from rugby long, so I’m coaching rugby again! Watch out Missoula Maggots. I’ve got no choice this summer, my two kids, Ellie and Zeph, positively insistent that I work with Pangaea next summer. KA-BOOM!

    Kacie Engum

    Touring hot springs, slangin drinks, taking snowy walks with my dog Love Lee, hitting the dance floor, sweating my face off in the hot yoga room, cooking delicious food, spending time with beautiful people I get to call my friends, dreaming of spring runoff and being grateful to wake up each day in beautiful Montana! I am planning a trip to Maui hopefully in 6 weeks and I polar plunged flathead lake a few weeks ago. My finest regards!


    Kyle Massick

    Gettin’ after it on the slopes, slayin’ (trying my best) the books for my last semester and continuing my pursuit of pushing myself through climbing. I hope the slopes are treating you well!

    Jennifer Sawyer

    I’ve been driving back and forth to Canada, planning a wedding, and building a new website for the Flagship Program of Missoula. Experiments include forcing spring bulbs indoors and trying to find a home for her tiny pet chicken, Rosie.


    Dagney Dutchman

    Back to school at the University of Montana in pursuit of a degree in Psychology with an emphasis in research. It’s kicking my butt energy-wise. No wonder most humans get this out of the way at 18! Keeping it real at a mental health facility in Missoula, while indoor climbing, dance, writing poetry and eating delicious foods keeps my weekends packed and my soul sane! I’ll likely be having an underwear burning party at the end of February to try a last big sacrifice to the snow and river gods =].


    Liv Grout

    This winter has been crazy! I’ve been skiing as much as possible…with the snow that we have. I went over to Rainier earlier this season with Marmot and did a week long Avalanche Training! Other than that, I’ve been chasing winter in Canada, Oregon and Montana!


    Bret K

    I’ll give a quick update even though I don’t think anything too exciting has been happening this winter break so far. I am still going to Gonzaga this year. I am a junior environmental science major with a biology and chemistry minor and I am just hanging out. School is going well and I’m still working as a RA (aka a college babysitter). Anyways that’s all I really got for you!