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    Pangaea River Rafting and the Lawrence’s are on the move

    Since the age of twenty-two I’ve followed moving water.


    I follow it as it piles-up on the mountains like frozen white blankets covering the wrinkled backs of an old ancestor. Putting the skis away, I follow the melting snows down the creeks and rivers in the spring and summer.

    Now, at 42, the pursuit of water moved me again. This time to Bend, Oregon. Tana, Trey, Brooke and I left Montana after last raft season to Bend for a variety of reasons: Brooke’s family lives in Bend, Bend is a trailhead town, we were looking for a little more action in our lives and the schools are great.

    However, it’s biggest draw, snow covered mountains providing downhill and cross country skiing. In other words, ample water to play on in the winter!

    Moving water taking me back to MontanaWhen the snows start melting here in Bend, we will move with the water back to Montana, back to our rafting family.


    As I ponder the upcoming move back to Montana, as I ponder the importance of moving water, the currents take me back to all the wonderful memories, crazy adventures and beautiful people that the river has brought to my life.


    Two words occur to me. Two words that epitomize the real value I’ve gained from life: experiences and relationships. Moving water provided the backdrop to so many exhilarating experiences, so many high quality relationships.

    Soon, our guide training will start. New guides will get their first taste of commercial rafting. As we train our skills on the guide stick, refine our swift water rescue technique, learn the ins-and-outs of pre trip prep and post trip breakdown, I’ll be reminding everyone that the two most important things in life, the two most important things at Pangaea, are relationships and experiences.

    rafting on the river, extreme fun


    That’s what we do at Pangaea.

    That’s what this whole program is about. It’s what shapes our operations, our guides, our facilities. It’s what makes us a rafting family, not just a rafting company.
    It’s the magic behind your experience at Pangaea when you raft with us.


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    2 thoughts on “Pangaea River Rafting and the Lawrence’s are on the move”

    1. Are you going to be doing any rafting trips in the Bend area? Be sure and explore the lava caves, we love the Bend OR. area :)

      1. Great to hear from you Dayle! We’re loving Bend. We haven’t done any rafting yet, except for a cold and rainy trip on the Rogue River this February. But we’ve gotten out hiking, biking and climbing all over this volcano tormented land. When the caves open back up, we’re definetly going. Take care!

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