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    "My advice, after 10 years recommending and guaranteeing trips, hands down my favorite, the Clark Fork River!" – David Lawrence (owner)


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    Spokane Wine Tasting | Missoula Wine Tasting | Coeur d’alene Wine Tasting

    Pick Your Wine Tasting Adventure Below…

    WINE FLOATS are a Pangaea exclusive! Sit back, sip delicious wines, nibble mouthwatering food as a world famous guide rows you down a gentle and scenic stretch of river. Laugh, live and love all on one trip as you enjoy nature behind a wineglass. To make the package extra special, you get a FREE custom “Leave Boring Behind” stemless wine glass with every wine tasting adventure!

    Wine Tasting Clark Fork River

    Can you imagine what it’s like to sit back with a glass of wine, drifting just a mere feet from spectacular cliffs as rainbow trout sip mayflies just below your raft, mule deer feed along the river bank and a world famous guide serves you mouthwatering food and more wine! FREE WINE GLASS included with every wine trip.

    Clark Fork River Wine Tasting… learn more

    Clark-Fork-Wine-TastingFloat and drink wine on Pangaea’s exclusive River Wine Tasting Float near Missoula, Montana (close to Spokane and Coeur d’alene too).

    Wine Tasting Spokane River

    The Spokane River provides an ideal setting for Pangaea’s exclusive river wine tasting float. Sip wine, feast on mouthwatering foods and soak in the riddles of the river. Spokane truly sits on the “corner of civilization and nature”. Watch civilization drift away while you enjoy the adventure of a life time.

    Spokane River Wine Tasting… Learn more

    spokane-wine-tastingFloat and drink wine on Pangaea’s exclusive River Wine Tasting Float in Spokane, Washington (close to Coeur d’alene too).

    Coeur d’alene Wine Tasting

    Enjoy wine tasting in Coeur d’alene with your rafting adventure. Pangaea River Rafting program has an unbeatable proximity to Coeur d’alene – just a 40 minute drive to the Spokane River or a 2 hour drive to the Clark Fork River. Simply quote ” wine tasting cda ” when you contact us to arrange a booking! We hope to take you on our wine tasting Coeur d’alene escapade very soon.

    Missoula Wine Tasting

    If you’re staying in Missoula and looking for a wine tasting experience like you’ve never experienced before – then give Pangaea River Rafting a call and book your ” wine tasting Missoula ” adventure on the Clark Fork River. Pangaea has picked the most scenic, historical and tranquil section of the entire Clark Fork River to enjoy mouthwatering food and delicious wines on. Only 45 minutes from downtown Missoula to the very footsteps of adventure and wine tasting.

    Spokane Wine Tasting

    Spokane, the Inland Northwest mecca of regional wine makers making a big impact on Washington wine. Spokane doesn’t grow wine, but we know how to make it. From the fertile vineyards of the Yakima valley, enjoy numerous opportunities for a Spokane wine tasting experience, including a one-of-a-kind river wine tasting adventure on the Spokane River with Pangaea. We meet minutes from downtown.

    Customized Private Wine Tasting packages are available for ALL LOCATIONS! Please enquire with us.