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We offer a wide variety of experiences on every river we raft. Why? Because a river trip is more than just rafting. River trips blend together a multitude of elements into a personal experience that leaves you smiling and your heart delighted.

You’ve Got Options!

Pangaea River Rafting does whitewater. In fact, we do whitewater unlike a lot of other companies. The Pangaea difference starts with our customer centered rafting philosophy. We run every trip around your needs and wants. If you like to run the biggest, wettest, juiciest lines, we can do that. If you like whitewater, but you don’t want to scare the kids or get grandma too wet, we can do that too. Do you love nature, being outside with friends, watching wildlife, eating great food and drinking wine or beer? Pangaea’s customer centered wine & beer rafting trips are made for you. How about bird watching early in the morning on the river? Yup, we’ve got that trip too. And so much more! Scroll below to learn more…

Whitewater Rafting

Nobody does whitewater rafting in the Spokane, Coeur d’alene, or Missoula region better than Pangaea River Rafting. Our world famous, expert guides know how to make the boat dance through waves, splash through the whitewater, spin in the current, and drift through the scenery and history of our glorious rivers. Pangaea’s guest centered approach to rafting puts you in the middle of your own adventure. Whether you want to mix it up with friends, on a date with your partner, adventuring with your family, or just want to make some memories on a river adventure, Pangaea does it all.

Easy Scenic River Floats

Everyone can raft, from the youngest of kids to the young at heart. Pangaea’s easy scenic rafting trips include two to three hours on the river, mesmerizing scenery, tranquil water, wildlife, guides that would make a mud puddle fun, and a few small and splashy waves that always elicit a few giggles. Easy scenic rafting trips give you the chance to swim if you want or sit back and relax.

Wine & Beer Tasting Floats

Enjoy the river behind a wine glass (or beer can)! Pangaea handpicked local wines and beers and matched those handcrafted libations with mouth watering food and the perfect river scenery to make your day on the river a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Enjoy good food, good drinks, good friends and Pangaea’s world famous guides on a eye-poppingly scenic and smooth section of the river, all while you cheers to adventure and life!

Whitewater & Wine (or Beer)

Combine the best of Pangaea’s most popular trips, whitewater and wine tasting! We created this trip after years of our guests asking us to make this dream a reality. First, enjoy Pangaea’s standard Alberton Gorge whitewater trip, splashing and dashing through 6 big class 3 rapids. Then at lunch, we convert your boat into a beer and wine tasting experience, complete with Leave Boring Behind wine glasses, bottles of wine (or beer), and food to complement the last 4 miles of the easy scenic floating.

Team Building

Over the years, hundreds of companies large and small call Pangaea looking to do something together as a team. Rafting with Pangaea combines all of the elements team leaders and business executives look for in a team activity. You paddle together, play together, laugh together, get into squirt gun battles together, or sit back and discuss life together. Because Pangaea curates a guest centered experience, we make rafting fun for everyone on your team.

Guide Training

In early summer, when the snow melts off the mountains, America’s western rivers swell with the spring runoff. When the rivers rise, seasoned boaters and soon-to-be guides flock to the waters to sharpen their skills or begin their first lessons on river running. Pangaea’s guide training school teaches you the skills and knowledge to run whitewater.


Geocaching, the modern day equivalent of treasure hunting, comes to life in a unique combination of rafting, paddling, swimming, hiking, and GEOCACHING! You and your group will raft the Clark Fork River, securing your phones or GPS devices in our waterproof bags. At our lunch spot, your guide gives you the first clue, and the hunt is on!

Bird Watching

Our avian friends love the river environment. Rivers create the perfect combination of food, water, and shelter. Steep cliffs to dwell in, river willows to forage in, and miles of uninterrupted nature to play in, forage, mate, and raise their young in. Those uninterrupted miles of river also allow us to quietly drift along spotting and observing a wide variety of birds.

Private Upgrades

Yup, we love to make our guests happy. We love building an experience just for you. So we created the Private Upgrade. Want to paddle faster than the group or take your time and move a little slower? You can do that too. For one price, you can fill the boat with 1 to 6 people and enjoy a customized experience on the river tailored just to you.

Pangaea River Rafting is #1 in Safety, and #1 in FUN!

Pangaea River Rafting offers whitewater rafting, wine tasting, team building and easy scenic floats on the Spokane, Blackfoot and Clark Fork rivers. Each Pangaea rafting location is an easy drive from Spokane, Washington, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho and Missoula, Montana.

Give us a call today and discover why Pangaea gets so many rave reviews on TripAdvisor, why Pangaea guests raft with us year after year, and why everyone drools for seconds on our lunch trips (even the guides from other rafting companies!). Join Pangaea and discover why our squirt guns blast the furthest and why we call our guides “world famous”!

Leave Boring Behind® this Summer!

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