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    Become a Whitewater Guide in Washington, Idaho and Montana with Pangaea River Rafting!

    Learn to run whitewater!

    Are you interested in a whitewater rafting job? Maybe you are an all out whitewater rafting fanatic! Either way our whitewater guide training will get you prepared. Here at our white water training center you will learn how to read, paddle, swim and scout big whitewater so that you feel comfortable no matter what river you run.

    Pangaea’s guide training is close to Spokane, Coeur d’ Alene and Missoula.

    Guide Training Dates

    2018 Dates:

    May 18, 19, 20 (FRI, SAT, SUN)
    May 26, 27, 28 (SAT, SUN, MON)

    It’s a six day course, spread over two weekends.

    white water safety and rescue coursePracticing throwing rescue bags before heading to the river to save “real” swimmers!

    Swift Water Rescue Training…

    What happens when you flip a raft or lose someone out of boat? Our whitewater safety and rescue course, a key part of our white water training, will teach you exactly how to handle these situations and more. You’ll also practice saving swimmers, throwing rescue lines and swimming the rapids.

    Guide Training, Exactly What You Need!

    A little confused about the equipment you need? Our white water guide training will teach you exactly what you should bring on every raft trip you paddle. During our guide training, you’ll learn to always be prepared.

    Rock Your Boat

    During your guide training, we encourage you to “rock your boat!” You’ll be flipping rafts, saving swimmers, swimming rapids, giving commands and captaining your own boat during this intensive and very fun six-day white water training course.

    Soul-Nourishing Lunch…

    We will take care of you as you train! Recharge your soul with a hot red potato bar and flame seared chicken each day of guide training.

    flipping rafts during white water rafting guide trainingGuide training, close to Spokane, Missoula and Coeur d’alene. Flipping rafts isn’t all you’ll do!

    The Clark Fork River, Spokane River or Blackfoot River

    The course will be conducted on the Clark Fork River or Blackfoot River in Montana and/or the Spokane River depending on water levels. The access and opportunity on the Clark Fork River is our favorite and unmatched in quality of learning environment anywhere else in our area.

    What Does Your Guide Training Weekend Look Like?

    Most people arrive Friday night and set up camp for the weekend at our white water training center here on the river. We will be rafting from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM Saturday and Sunday. We will eat lunch on the river.

    Learning to read the riverWalt eyes his line as he learns to read whitewater during Pangaea’s guide training.

    Gear that you will need…

    We provide you with all of the rafting gear that you need for the course: wetsuits, booties, and PFD’s. You will need to bring the following items: Wool or Polypropylene Base Layer(Top and Bottom) and Socks, warm hat, waterproof windbreaker and pants, water bottle.You will also need to have a tent, car, camper, trailer, or some other form of shelter at night.

    Become a Whitewater Guide

    Whether you become a commercial whitewater guide or are a private river rafting guide, you need to take Pangaea’s Formal Guide Training Course. Learn what to do when you are responsible for everyone’s safety. You need to know how to read the river, how to handle “never ever’s” on the river, and how to save yourself and your passengers if anything should go wrong.

    swift water certification courseYou learn to throw boats, stack trailers and secure gear. With Pangaea, your guide training covers it all!

    Pangaea’s Guide Training and River Safety Class exceeds Washington & Montana States’ Whitewater Guide Requirements!

    After completing our full 50 hour guide training class, you will receive a certificate of completion and an evaluation that will serve as your legal verification of meeting strict guide training standards!

    Learn to throw boats and prep for any trip you’re ever on.

    Bring Your Family and Friends for $25!!!

    guide training near MissoulaGo big on Pangaea’s guide training and get ready to Leave Boring Behind!

    Guide your friends and family on the last day! You will be running the trip just like a professional guide. Invite friends and family to raft with you on the river for only $25 per person- including all gear and lunch.

    Your Instructors Make the Difference

    Pangaea river rafting guide instructor

    Mandela Van Eeden, guide trainer, makes learning on the river fun and personal.

    Your guides are highly qualified river runners who have years of experience and hours of training on the river. Not only are they the safest guides on the river, they are the “FUNNEST” guides on the river too. Squirt guns and boat games are standard on every trip. Our guides would make a mud puddle fun!!!

    The Guide Training Course will Cover the Following:

    • 50 hours on a whitewater river
    • reading river characteristics including currents, eddies, rapids, and hazards
    • methods of scouting and running rapids
    • swift water rescue techniques, including emergency procedures and equipment recovery
    • communicating with clients, including paddling and safety instruction
    • paddling strokes and techniques
    • rowing strokes and techniques
    • boat design and boat/river interaction
    • swimming rapids
    • rescuing swimmers
    • risk management
    • equipment preparation and boat rigging

    rafting through the alberton gorge

    Tumbleweed soaks Jerimiah as he rides the bull through one of the wettest, wildest rapids on the river!

    Gonzaga University Outdoor Program joined Pangaea River Rafting on the Spokane River and Clark Fork River for six days of guide training. Watch the action, including several intentional boat flips and recoveries, of the Gonzaga guides getting whitewater certified!


    Sophie and Lysh become instant friends during Pangaea’s guide training.

    Prices, Times & Other Helpful Info


    • $379 per adult (18 and older)

    Guide Training Times:

    • Typically we meet at 8:30 am local time


    • Sorry, no discounts on this adventure


    The Clark Fork River meets at our River Store at the mouth of the Alberton Gorge. The Clark Fork River is an easy drive from Spokane, Coeur d’ Alene and Missoula. 11111 Mullan Rd. E. Superior, MT 59872. Spokane River and Blackfoot River locations will be determined based on water levels.


    Drive Times:

    Spokane to Pangaea: 2.5 hrs
    Coeur d’ Alene to Pangaea: 2 hrs
    Missoula to Pangaea: 45 minutes


    Call 406-239-2392

    *Guide training often fills up. Don’t be disappointed, call, email or book online to make sure you don’t “miss the boat.”