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    The Spokane River

    The Spokane River through Riverside State Park is the crown jewel of the Inland Northwest that drifts right through downtown Spokane, WA. You won’t believe how beautiful the Spokane River is! Bike, hike and raft through Riverside State Park in Spokane, Washington. Nothing in Spokane, not even the shopping or delicious restaurants, compare with experiencing the Spokane River. To learn more about Pangaea River Rafting’s famous Spokane trips, click on any of the links above.

    The Spokane River Flows

    The Spokane River is one of many majestic rivers that feed the mighty Columbia River. 111 miles in length, it splits Spokane, Washington in half as it roars and tumbles over the thundering, basalt-riddled waterfalls in downtown Spokane before heading northwest through Riverside State Park.

    Spokane River, A River For All

    The Spokane River not only provides residents and visitors with luscious whitewater river rafting, beautiful family river floats and an array of Pangaea river trips, it also provides eastern Washington with valuable irrigation and drinking water. The Spokane River watershed anchors the region’s extensive farming and timber production.

    Interesting Spokane River Facts:


    The Spokane River’s entire drainage basin is about 6,240 square miles (16,200 km2) large, 3,840 square miles (9,900 km2) – above Post Falls Dam at the outlet of Coeur d’ Alene Lake.


    Its mean annual discharge is 7,946 cubic feet per second (225 m3/s).


    The beginning of the Spokane River rises out of Lake Coeur d’ Alene in the ruggedly beautiful panhandle of Idaho. The source of the water for the Spokane River comes from Coeur d’ Alene Lake and the underground springs fed by the Spokane-Rathdrum Aquifer. The aquifer provides drinking water for 400,000 people in the Spokane area, as well as extensive irrigation water along its course. The use of the aquifer water is so extensive that Spokane Falls, the signature natural feature of the city of Spokane, is primed by this huge underground water source.

    Riverside State Park

    Spokane, Washington is home of the famous Bowl and Pitcher rapid. The Spokane River is truly a magical urban river flowing through the heart of Spokane, Washington