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    "My advice, after 10 years recommending and guaranteeing trips, hands down my favorite, the Clark Fork River!" – David Lawrence (owner)


    "Some of the great companies that have worked with us building their teams "


    “To Be a Team, Sometimes You Need to Get W.E.T!®”

    Companies, businesses, sales teams and even big name bands call Pangaea River Rafting year after year looking for unique team building activities. Nothing is more unique than Pangaea’s W.E.T.® program.

    Looking for team building in Spokane, team building in Coeur d’Alene or team building in Missoula, Montana?

    Pangaea has you and your team covered!

    The Most Effective Team Building Program West of the Mississippi!

    Pangaea’s W.E.T.® (Working Efficiently Together) Program

    This is the most unique and effective team building program in the Northwest. Pangaea offers a variety of dynamic team building workshops that use dry-land and river elements to entertain and unite.

    We take team building and our outdoor activities like rafting, rock jumping, boat games, beach puzzles and weave them all into an unforgettable experience specifically designed around your goals and desires.

    Going deep or just keeping it light and fun, we create team building outdoor activities that are just what you are looking for.

    Master the Patterns – Offsite Team Building

    You don’t even have to go on the river to enjoy Pangaea’s knack for having fun: we can bring the fun to you if you’re close to Washington, Idaho or Montana. We run excellent team building rafting programs for conventions and businesses in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and Missoula.

    unique-team-building-activitiesDavid Lawrence specializes in providing unique team building activities, infusing peak performance tactics with fun and games!

    Lots of Options

    We offer several varieties of team building workshops from just one hour to a whole day fun at our ranch, at your site or on the river. Whether it’s ice breakers or full-on team building challenges, we have a dynamic, intelligent program perfect for you.

    Some companies want unique team building activities that test and challenge their ability to problem solve, work together and get it done! While others want a unique team building activity that will entertain and unite.

    Rafting provides the ends to both those goals!

    Corporate Training, Team Building & Ice Breakers

    Totally Fun! Totally Guaranteed!

    Pangaea River Rafting’s W.E.T.® program (Working Efficiently Together) uses interactive challenges like the Centipede Shuffle, Sing-a-Pore Sling, and mind benders in an outdoor environment to unite and entertain large groups. On shore or in the water, your group will be erupting with laughter and glowing with smiles after spending a few hours with Pangaea’s dynamic team building facilitator David Lawrence.

    team-building-outdoor-activitiesOn and off the river, businesses and corporate teams laugh and and learn with David Lawrence, owner of Pangaea and Master the Patterns


    100% Customized

    Pangaea’s program director, David Lawrence, customizes 100% of each program for your group. To truly appreciate our W.E.T.® program, call David Lawrence for a free consultation. He will ask you a few questions and explain the variety of options available for your group. David will work with you to create the perfect experiential setting that focuses on fun and togetherness, not weaknesses and fears (unless that’s what your group really needs)!

    On the River or at Your Site

    David can even bring the fun and excitement of our W.E.T.® program to you at your site. He has brought Pangaea’s knack for having fun to numerous hotels and conventions around the area. We will make your next meeting the meeting to remember!

    team-building-SpokaneEven off the river at your event site, David delivers unconventional wisdom, insight, entertainment and concrete ‘how to’s” to achieve peak performance.

    ““It was an amazing experience to take my key people from the office to share in this incredible team building experience. We had people who had never been rafting and experienced rafters as well, and everyone had an equally amazing trip. The whole team is looking forward to another team-building adventure with Pangaea.””

    — Zach Teegarden, Arizona


    It All Starts With a Call


    To get started creating your team building Spokane, Coeur d’Alene or Missoula activity, give us a call so we can review a few questions with you…

    1) How many people?

    2) The location of your meeting?

    3) What are your goals? To bond, have fun, laugh and share a great memory together? Or is it to identify issues and work through tough conversations? Or is it to sharpen your team’s creative problem solving skills and get fresh perspective on a tough issue?

    Next, David will build an itinerary and quote around your desired outcomes and help you with planning logistics.




    Price depends on group size and programming. River trips run between $59 and $199 per person and include lunch. Programs at your site start around $1,999. All programs are 100% customized.

    Bring your frontline staff on the river or bring David to your site to increase performance, customer service and job satisfaction!