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    Get Answers to the Most Common Whitewater River Rafting Questions Ever Asked!


    Frequently Asked Rafting Questions

    Is Rafting Dangerous?

    Well, according to the numbers you’re more likely to get hurt playing golf or going skiing. To put the kind of rafting trips we offer into perspective: we take kids as young as six years old on our whitewater rafting trips. Last year we rafted with paraplegic children on the Clark Fork River whitewater trip (our favorite whitewater rafting trip). Our guides meet a strenuous Washington State guide training standard, and most of our guides are certified Swift-water Rescue Technicians level III (a rare certification for most guides to have!). However, please realize that the river environment does have its inherent risks. Although we take every precaution to mitigate these risks, things can happen. When you register and participate on our rafting trip, you do so with the understanding that you are aware of and agree to accept responsibility for these risks as described in our safety talk. All participants must sign a waiver before their trip.

    If It Is Raining, Do We Still Go?

    YES! We raft rain or shine. We’ve had some of our best trips in the rain! To help keep you comfortable, we provide wetsuits, fleece tops, splash jackets and river booties to help you maximize the fun level! The weather out west is very spotty. It can be raining ten miles down the road, and be totally sunny on the river! Believe it or not, that’s usually the case out west. On cooler days be sure to dress in synthetic layers, avoid cotton garments and bring a great attitude. But please remember, we do raft rain or shine!

    What Should I Wear?

    Quick-drying fabrics (nylon, sports materials), shorts, tee shirt, bathing suits, sunglasses with straps, water resistant sunscreen, and tennis shoes or river sandals. NO bare feet or flip flops allowed. Please also remember to bring a change of dry clothes and dry shoes for after the trip: you can keep that your vehicle and change in one of our restrooms back at the river-house.

    Does Everyone Have To Know How To Swim?

    NO! Each person is issued a Type V whitewater life jacket which must be worn at all times on the river. These jackets are designed so that if someone did absolutely nothing in the water, they would float with their chest up and head above water. We provide detailed instructions before each trip regarding how to float and what to do should you fall out of the boat.

    When Is The Best Time To Go?

    IT DEPENDS! This is a great question, and it deserves a great answer… IT DEPENDS. At each time of year, the river offers something unique that cannot be duplicated at other times of the year. My suggestion, the best time to go rafting is WHEN YOU WANT TO GO RAFTING! Don’t wait for the “perfect day,” the “perfect forecast” or the “perfect moment.” In the outdoors, especially on the river, the best time to go rafting is the day you go. The weather is typically cool in the spring, hot or cool in early summer and often hot by July and August. The rapids on the Clark Fork River are good year round, but on the Spokane River and Blackfoot River the biggest whitewater is April, May, and June. Since weather and water levels change season to season, the most accurate way to get a feel for the “best” time of year to go rafting is to call a live person at Pangaea who will have detailed information for you. Leave Boring Behind and book your trip now! Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Call 406-239-2392 to get answers to your questions.

    What Do Your Raft Trips Include?

    Fun, highly trained guides. Wet suits, booties, fleece tops. River shuttle. State of the art, self-bailing AIRE 14′ rafts with safety equipment. Dry bags. Gourmet lunch (Clark Fork and Blackfoot only). Free libations (Clark Fork and Blackfoot only). Photographs of you running the biggest rapids of the day (Clark Fork only)

    Are There Opportunities For People With Disabilities?

    YES! The river is a magical place and we have shared that magic with countless rafters who have had a wide range of emotional, mental or physical disabilities. At Pangaea, we often say to each other that we have the greatest job in the world. We are reminded of that very fact when we have the honor of rafting with people who face far greater challenges on a daily basis than we ever do running whitewater.

    Do You Have Group Discounts?

    YES! We have special pricing for church groups, scouts, non-profits, and schools groups. Also, we offer discounts for youth, ages 17 and under (Pangaea hosts the largest children’s age span for in the USA!). Our operation can handle groups of up to 100; however, most groups are much smaller and we do offer group discounts for all size groups.

    Can I Request A Guide?

    YES! As we have often said, the greatest part of your trip is your guide. Since this is almost always the case, we totally understand if you want to request a particular guide. Please let us know when you book the trip, and we’ll do everything we can to connect you with your guide.

    Should I Tip My Guide?

    YES! If you want. Your guide doesn’t work for tips, but on most trips our customers have such a great time they like to show them a little “extra love.” What’s an appropriate tip? We suggest between $10 & $20 per person or 20% – however – nothing is expected, anything is appreciated.

    What Is The Cancellation Policy?

    We will refund your deposit for cancellations made up to three weeks ahead of departure date. No refunds will be made for cancellations less than three weeks before trip departure. No refunds will be made for late comers or no-shows. We reserve the right to cancel trips due to river conditions (water too high or low), poor weather, or insufficient number of people (full refunds will be made for these reasons).


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