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    "My advice, after 10 years recommending and guaranteeing trips, hands down my favorite, the Clark Fork River!" – David Lawrence (owner)


    "Some of the great companies that have worked with us building their teams "


    Pangaea River Rafting and the Lawrence’s are on the move

    Since the age of twenty-two I’ve followed moving water.   I follow it as it piles-up on the mountains like frozen white blankets covering the wrinkled backs of an old ancestor. Putting the skis away, I follow the melting snows down the creeks and rivers in the spring and summer. Now, at 42, the pursuit … Read More

    How’s Your Facial Position?

    Hello,Here’s something you won’t see in your news feed… Splashed By 10,000 Gallons Of Water… Retains Full Smile! I’m no dentist, but Pangaea knows how to make you smile! For a free facial position consultation, please call… 406-239-2392 Why am I thinking about your facial position? It started with a question my ski mentor Don … Read More

    Leave Boring Behind!

    Hi there! I’ve got 3 things for you today: 1. A BIG mid week discount! 2. How to Hire Great People 3. Season River Forecast As usual, I try to incorporate something valuable, a discount and some news of note. Enjoy, and… Leave Boring Behind! David Lawrence Owner Pangaea River Rafting 45% OFF Clark Fork … Read More

    August Fun & News with Pangaea River Rafting

        August is here! To celebrate the last HOT month of the summer, I’ve got some HOT news and some HOT announcements!!! Did You See the Planes? Themed Weekends! 2 NEW Trips! Love Pangaea? Leave a Review! Ready? Did You See The Airplanes In The Clark Fork River?    Two Fridays ago, our guests … Read More

    St. Patrick’s Day is Special | Spank the Day!

    Give St. Patrick a Good-Old American Spanking! In The US, We Beat St. Patrick’s Day Like A Redheaded-Stepchild! In fact, we give a lot of holidays the redheaded-stepchild treatment. We take a well intentioned, symbolic, meaningful tradition, especially time-honored days set aside for introspection and ponderance, drag it behind the woodshed and beat the snot-sniffing-significance out … Read More

    St. Patrick’s Day | Bulletproof Coffee | Treadmill Desk

        First, the most amazing coffee recipe you’ve never tasted (unless you have). Then, one of the best things I’ve done to improve my health and optimize my workflow. Lastly, an awesome St. Patrick’s Day Deal on the Spokane River. What Did I Do To My Coffee? Last newsletter, I explained how fatigue, brain … Read More

    Day Two on the Gorge Mickelson Trail

    Day Two: We Got What We Came For   That night in the hotel, the weather and thunderstorms broke, leaving a cold blue bird day for us to try again, dry kids and gear in tow up a 2 hour climb straight from town up a 4% grade. The grade deceives when pulling so much … Read More

    George Mickelson Bike Trip | Change of Plans

    Change of Plans…     The truck bed stuffed with bikes, camping gear, clothes and our dreams of a multi-day adventure sails across I-90 at 80 miles an hour. The roar of our Cummings diesel engines echoes across western Montana, south into Wyoming toward Deadwood, South Dakota where the George Mickelson Rail Trail shoots south … Read More

    KVR (Kettle Valley Rail Trail): Before We Start

    KVR (Kettle Valley Rail Trail): Before We Start Brooke and Tana high above Pangaea preparing for the KVR I Love Multi Week Adventures! I love planning for the trip, training my body for the rigors of the journey, actually starting and doing the trip itself, growing relationships with the people I travel with or making … Read More

    Pangaea | Montana River Guides | Western Waters | Wiley Waters

    Prom at Pangaea River Rafting with Wiley E. Waters, Montana River Guides and Western Waters Pangaea River Rafting hosted a river wide Prom Party on the Clark Fork River with Montana River Guides,Western Waters and Wiley E. Waters Two weekends ago the guides had an idea, host an all day Prom party on the Clark … Read More